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Owners Forum

Hi folks, Web site being updated. Cobbled together from an old site, I belive we have the links all working...

Keep it civil, if you wouldn't send it to your grand mother, don't post it here, Business Etiquette only. Please advise if you do not want to be on the Village email list, or if you know of someone who would like to be on the Village email list.

To assist in quantifying and prioritizing repair needs to the Village Condominium complexes A and B, an independent contractor was hired to perform a building inspection on 05/28/03 and 05/30/03. To this end, a Village Condominium Association Advisory Committee was formed to assist in facilitating the repairs and address concerns of communicating the Association actions with the unit owners.

This does not necessarily mean additional Association meetings, but a means of notifying the unit owners with timely information along with a forum for unit owner’s to express their opinions and wishes with written responses of news, updates, questions, comments and complaints for the Advisory Committee to compile and assist in reviewing with the Directors.

The committee notifications/updates are to be in the written form of a Newsletter distributed via a web site, email and/or postal mail to inform unit owners of current activities affecting the Village Condominium. This Newsletter will be distributed on an as needed bases to each of the unit owners that chooses to participate.;

Owners are encouraged to submit comments, question and concerns to:

Owners Forum

Kurt Ries

Please folks, all comments and requests must be in writing and utilizing email is the most effective way to compile the requests and responses.

The Owners Forum in no way replaces contacting the Village Condominium Directors directly as needed.

The Owners Forum is simply a way of timely notifying the unit owners of Association proposed actions and compile written email/Postal responses for the Advisory Committee to review with the Directors.

Thank you for taking the time to participation in the Village Association decision making process.

- Advisory Committee