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President Forum

The President Council Forum is to assist the Bolton Valley Association President Council in disseminating current information in an effort to improve collaboration amongst it's members.

This does not necessarily mean additional meetings, but a way of providing its members with timely information along with a forum for memberís to express their opinions and wishes with written responses of news, updates, questions, comments and complaints  to be compiled and posted to this web site for review with council members and owners.

Members are encouraged to submit updates, comments, question and concerns to:

   President Forum 

      Kurt Ries 
      127 Hardy Avenue 
      Burlington, VT 05401

Please folks, all comments and requests must be in writing and utilizing email is the most effective way to compile the requests and responses. 

The President Council Forum in no way replaces contacting the council members directly as needed. The President Council  Forum is simply a way of timely distributing current information to members of council and owners;  along with a central repository for compiling written email/postal responses and updating the information on the web site accordingly. 

 The idea is to make it a easy as possible for members to collaborate with each other, reducing the time and effort to bring tasks to fruition.

Thank you for taking the time to participation in the President Council Forum decision making process.

   - Advisory Committee