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Ries Recreation is devoted to outdoor fun in Vermont, Upstate New York and surrounding areas. Our passions are Nordic Skiing, Peddling and Paddling.

You will find:


Trail maps and trailheads founded by enthusiasts from all over the region


Nordic Snow conditions reported by skiers giving way to their favorite haunts

bullet...and of course our favorite links and images

A few of the popular hang outs are Tug Hill, Lake Placid, Waitsfield, Finger Lakes, and Pinkham Notch.

Tug hill is located about 30 miles north of Syracuse and is known for snow ...lots of snow over 300" annually! This area is home to a couple of Nordic ski centers and countless backcountry opportunities. My home away from home.

Lake Placid is a very special place located in the heart of the Adirondack's High Peaks. This oasis was put on the map by not one, but two Winter Olympics. Mount Vanhovenburg's  World Cup Class course is a thrill to ski and rub elbows with some of the worlds best skiers. Many groomed Nordic ski centers connected by myriad of trails all through out the area.

The Waitsfield area of Vermont is in the heart of the North East ski county. Many major lift services and Nordic ski resorts, along with some of the best Backcountry / Telemark action anywhere.

Pinkham Notch is located in White Mountains of New Hampshire and home to the infamous Tuckermans Ravine. Many Nordic ski centers and ample opportunity for the extreme to the benign Backcountry and Telemarking.

 Flying Scotsman
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A Bolton Valley Sunset

Bolton Valley's Holy Grail

The Couching Lion

Cotton Brook Glades