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Subject:    SKI REPORT FOR 2/20-23/98






     TEMP 25 TO 40 DEGREES

     24 TO 30 INCH BASE


     CONDITIONS:  Old snow with a few wash outs.  Glazed and fast in the

     mornings and corn snow in the afternoon, but still quick enough to get

     downhill thrills.


     We didn't go crazy for once by skiing until dogged out just because it

     was so perfect with the trails, views, weather, etc.  Instead we

     picked trips from 4 to 5 hours so that we kept energy for the

     following day and that worked out great.


     The first day we did a counter clockwise loop around Kings Flow and it

     was actually on 3 inches of new snow over some old tracks that helped

     keep us on the trail.  Many of the trails have lost their markers over

     the years which is a real shame as us novice woodsmen will eventually

     have a real tough time finding them..maybe some of NYS surplus

     millions could be used to buy a couple of thousand dollars worth of

     markers (Yeah..right).


     "Fast Focus Folley" joined us the second day and with two vehicles, we

     were able to do a one-way trek from Rt 8 via Eleventh Mountain

     crossing through Siamese Pond Junction and terminating at Old Farm

     Clearing near Garnet Hill Touring Center.   The first half hour was

     kind of rough as we were climbing up on old hard rutted snowshoe

     tracks.  When we crested, the only sound in the wilderness was Carol

     gasping..Dave assumed it was caused by his after shave lotion, but

     Ellie convinced him that it was really just the climb up.  Actually,

     the descent was the biggest challenge and Carol was still at the point

     where she wasn't too sure if she was having a great time or not.  Then

     the terrain became rolling and the snow softened plus the tracks

     improved.  We actually picked up old ski tracks at the half way point

     that came in from the other end.  It was another near perfect trip and

     took about 4.5 hours which is what our ADK guide book estimated.


     The third day we skied from Old Farm Clearing to Puffer Pond under

     unbelievable blue skies.  Again, it was very fast and we were mostly

     climbing and wondering what kind of terror ride the return trip would

     be.  We got lucky as the snow softened from rising temperatures and

     even Dave was kind of under control coming back.  On the way up, we

     tied ribbons by the worst wash outs so we wouldn't be too surprised

     coming back down and that worked out good except Dave missed seeing

     them on time.  Oh well, that's why he developed HAPPY FEET!


     The last day we found a trail called Indian Lake Cedar River Loop.  It

     was mainly a bushwhack for first 2.5 hours and very old snowshoe

     tracks from an apparent descendant of Daniel Boone.  If the tracks

     hadn't been there, we wouldn't have lasted long.  We only lost them

     once and they finally joined a more user friendly trail.  It was worth

     the rough going and the last mile was mostly downhill.


     Happy Skiing,


     The Sheldons