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From kurt Mon Aug 12 09:25:41 1996

Date: Mon, 12 Aug 96 09:25:34 EDT

From: kurt (Kurt Ries)

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Subject: Katahdin Telmarking Adventure

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Hello Brian


Fred had past along the Baxter Park Leader & CO-Leaders' forms & info.

I dropped a copy to you via Kodak intercompany mail today.


Preliminary Plans:

      -Need an assigned leader; Fred?

      -Late spring; end of March 97?

      -5 days; 2 day drive and 3 skiing

      -4-5 people Fred, Brian, Kurt & ??

      -Ski the Abol Campground area including: bowls south of

      Hunt-A-trail, Throreau Spring & south side of Barren Mtn.


      -No summitting



Additional thoughts:

      -Logans pass on the way to Baxter?


I am headed to Baxter next week on an information gathering excursion.


I will obtain/ask:

      -Detailed Topo maps

      -Can we get reservations March 1997

      -Info on gear, history & geology


Please pass along any questions I should find answers to by Friday.






From FDunaway1@aol.com Tue Aug 13 10:00:41 1996

From: FDunaway1@aol.com

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Subject: Katahdin adventure

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Hello Kurt & Brian


A few thoughts on a Katahdin adventure.


No peek bagging!  We go for skiing in the bowls!


Given that when Kurt and I get together for a major ski event, the weather

gets very cold(-20 for the NATO clinic, 4 for the Tourathon).  Brian has the

same history (-25 for the advanced mountaineering).  Is it a good idea to put

the three of us together?


I may not be able to get the time off from work.  We just won a contract for

many different valves on the X-33 and I've been assigned the principal

investigator for SBIR.  SBIR is a new program NASA started to develop a

replacement for Hydazine rocket fuel.   The only problem with this new stuff

is a near total lack of compatibility with standard materials and valves!

 ValveTech won a grant to work up a technical proposal for a valve.  If the

proposal is accepted, it's worth 1/2 millon and maybe a patent for me.

(Gee... Genuine rocket science!) Mike is pretty good about giving time off if

someone works mega hours.  We'll see how the schedule shapes up.


Kurt while you're at Baxter, ask what the winter schedule is like.  Is mid to

late March 97 workable?  Can you also get a better estimate on drive time to



Brian: Do you know when the basic mountaineering outdoor is?  Can we sneak

Kurt in?  It will make an excellent first outing for the group. 


I think that 7 days is more realistic and fun.  If we can leave on a Saturday

and come home on Sunday, we can get two more days of skiing in.  That would

give us one to two nights in a hotel also.  It depends on if we want to ski

out and make the drive home.  It is many miles from the last hut to the road

and I wouldn't expect groomed track.


Perhaps we can stop by Tuckermans ravine on the way home and watch Brian ski

down it.


As for the leader; Brian has the most experience.  It may look better on the



Other members: Jerry Sherman or Ed Smith?  Both have the experience.  Jerry

may not be into the telemark stuff.  Ed has the advantage of being an EMT.

 He can patch us up after those extreme face plants.




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Subject: Katahdin Telmarking Adventure

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*** Reply to note of 08/12/96 09:30

From: Brian Schankat CESD Copy Training (M.C. 00824) Ext 19625

Subject: Katahdin Telmarking Adventure

Greetinigs Kurt! Hope your trip to Baxter was successful in obtaining the

information you were seeking. I'm curious about the timing in March and if any

more specifics are available. I have a timeshare committment in March that I

will ned to coordinate around. Take Care.





From kurt Wed Aug 28 19:41:26 1996

Date: Wed, 28 Aug 96 19:41:23 EDT

From: kurt (Kurt Ries)

To: FDunaway1@aol.com, lockovm1.SGZA04@kodako.Kodak.COM

Subject: Katahdin Telmarking Adventure

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Hello Fred and Brian


Logistics (time) of the Maine trip prevented me from getting to Baxter

State Park to check out the Katahdin Tele trip first hand :-(


I did gather some information from the Mount Washington/Acadia park

folks and I spoke with the Baxter information line.


The story so far:


Info Packet:


Baxter is sending me this years Winter Season Information Packet, however

they do not believe it has changed significantly from the October 1992

packet we currently have.

      -March 31 is the latest camping is permitted in the park, avalanche

       season, dates change with the weather conditions


      -Start accepting reservations after November 1

      -January, February & March are the busiest months...surprise


      -Chimney Pond's bunk house is the popular `alpine' ski area and will

       fill up first


      -Tent camping will probably always be available at designated camp

       grounds such as the areas we are talking about

            -Abol and Katahdin Stream Campgrounds


Driving Logistics:


Better count on a 14 hour drive max!


Winter Driving Time In Good Road Conditions:

      -Driving time from Portland to Baxter's Abol Bridge Camping

       parking area: 4 hours


      -Driving time from Rochester to Portland 8-10 hours depending on



Possible Routes

A) Hwy 90 ---> Hwy 89  ---> Montreal ---> Quebec ---> Baxter

B) Hwy 90 ---> Boston ---> Portland ---> Baxter

C) Hwy 90 ---> Hwy 89 ---> VT ---> Tuck's Ravine ---> Baxter


Both routes A & B use as major of Hwy's as possible for optimal winter


      -Route A) maybe the best roads, with the best travel time

      -Working in a stop at Tuckerman Ravine would most likely cause

       a trip across VT and additional travel time.


You know... look at this a Tug, High Peaks, Gatineau, La Montagne,

Katahdin, Tuckerman, Camel Back & Garnet trip is possible...who needs

a job anyway!




Brian, I believe your a corner stone in this adventure. What do you

think your chances are on pulling this off in 1997?

      -Let me throw out a date of March 9-15 1997 to see if it will

       accommodate everyone's schedule.


We should have our paper work submitted on November 1 1996 for a 1997



Skiing Logistics:


Skiing bowls south of Hunt-A-trail, Throreau Spring

and the south side of Barren Mtn:


Abol Bridge Parking Lot ---> Abol Beach         1.5 mi

Abol Beach ---> Abol Campground                 ~2.5 mi

Abol Campground ---> Katahdin Stream Campground       2.0 mi


                                          6 mi one-way


Chimney Ponds:   

Abol Bridge Parking ---> Togue Pond            4 mi

Togue Pond ---> Roaring Brook                         8.0 mi

Roaring Brook ---> Chimney Ponds                3.3 mi


                                          15.3 mi one-way


Katahdin Stream Campground --> Over summit of Katahdin --> Chimney Bluffs

      -~5.5 mi




Preliminary Plans:


      -Trip Dates: 3/9-15/97; 2 day drive : 5 day ski

      -Party of 4: Fred, Brian, Ed & Kurt

      -Assigned leader: Brian

      -Two Co-Leaders: Fred and Ed

      -Ski the bowls around Abol & Katahdin Stream Campgrounds

      -No Peaking

      -Need forms completed & mailed by 11/1/96


Additional Thoughts:


      -Ski Tuckerman Ravine

      -Ski Chimney Ponds; Katahdin

      -When is the Basic Mountaineering Outdoor

      -Someone should probably contact Ed!


Skiing Tuck's is do-able by all in our party. One has the option of not

hoofing it all the way up the headwall and the terrain slops out nicely

toward the bottom...humm maybe that's why its so popular!

      -Something there for everyone

      -I will pass along lodging info at Pinkham notch shortly




Baxter State Park Authority


Information: 207-723-5140


Guide Books




Trail Map


Baxter State Park and Katahdin ISBN 0-89933-121-1, $4.95

DeLorme, PO Box 298, Freeport Maine 04032 / 207-865-1234 /


      -Decent Topo with well marked roads and trails

      -Contour Interval = 20', Scale 1" = 1 mile


Tuckerman Ravine, $4.95

Scale 1:5000, Contour Interval 40'

The Appalachian Mountain Club

      -Very detailed Topo map of just the ravine w/ marked trails


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