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Hello Riders


During the night portion of the RBC Challenge ride I

found my Vistalite 420 headlight going dead.


Any suggestions for more longevity out of the ni-cad

(gel?) powered headlight. Many folks where running all

night on the same battery pack (how they do that?).


Currently running the single Vistalite 420 with the 2.5

amp/hour battery which will produce light for about 1.5

hours. Even the 5.0 amp/hour battery is only rated for 3



Any suggestions would be appreciated!




   ,__o      Kurt Ries Canandaigua, NY

 _-\_<,      kries@kodak.com

(*)/'(*)     716-724-9015




The following is our account of the Challenge ride for

those who are really bored at work.


We did the RBC Challenge Ride Saturday and

Sunday...great fun.


The Challenge ride is a 24 hour ride starting at 7:00 AM

Saturday and ending 7:00 AM Sunday. There are three

loops, two 25 mile loops and one 12 mile night loop. All

loops return to a central picnic area for food, drink and



Our Challenge this year was a daylight double (my first

double, light or no light). We started riding about 7:30

AM. averaging 17-18 miles an hour for the first 100

miles, sucking on any wheel that happened to pass. Lots

of fast pace lines...YES!


 Thanks to the RBC week-end rides I have got in three

Milage Centuries before the CR. 100 miles was a huge

psychological barrier for me. The first three loops I felt

strong, by the fourth I was starting to limp. This may

have something to do with all the cookies I consumed at

50 miles. Several folks have conveyed a similar story of

feeling stronger after breaking though your normal limits,

but I hadn't experienced it until now.


After stocking up on pasta (who ever brought that pasta

in the lite red sauce I owe you one) some strength

returned. The fifth loop went better than the fourth

averaged 16 mph.


 I have been using a Camel Back to prevent hydration

problems combined with sport drinks in the water bottles.

This has almost eliminated the headache problems I had

been having on these long hauls.


Eight O'clock already! The hopes of a day light double

faded, but not the double. Found the fresh bread some

kind sole brought in and off for loop six. Hooked up with

the Ottawa folks for well organized fast paceline into the

sunset (does it get better this?).


Pulled in just before twilight, dawned the lights and took

an extended break for the sub and pizza delivery.

Inhaled an assorted sub and several slices of pizza. It

was good to get some substantial food in me since most

of the munchies stuff had been converted from calories

to mileage by then. Suddenly I saw it, under a halve

eaten bag of pretzels an edge of a paper plate within a

zip lock bag...fudge! Yes, pure lard, sugar and caffeine. I

was rejuvenated for the nights action. I owe my last 50

miles to the person who brought in the fudge.


With the extra milage we accumulated during the day

needed four night loops. Away we went into the night a

bug splattering pinpoint of light.


Loop 1 - fast, cool and fun

Loop 2 - ni-cad batteries died no head light

Loop 3 - Headlight running on 4 alkaline

Loop 4 - Head light died


Found when I had returned to the light had 207 miles.

My first double completed.


Thanks to the RBC for another great ride; see ya!