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Wow! Sounds like big fun! Top five awesome ski treks. Hmmmm. We didn't do any of that when I was there. Guess I'd better hurry back, so I can do it, too.


How is Ellie? You didn't leave her stuck in that snow bank down the trail, did you?

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What a great time we had at Honorary Geezer's (Kurt Ries) condo in Vermont.  Kurt is always looking for people to join him on adventure ski treks (life insurance isn't required, but is recommended).  The temperature was a little cool, but in range of 9 to 15 which is good when skiing a normal pace.  I'm not sure if the down hills were normal now that I think of it.


We skied on the Bolton Valley's backcountry trails the first day and the second day we skied the Catamount trail from Bolton to Nebraska Valley (near Trapp Family Center) - close enough to hear the music.  Thanks Fast Eddie for planting the seed as it would have to fall in my top five all time awesome ski treks.  You actually climb nearly 1500 feet and drop nearly 2500 feet or something like that, so you can see we went in the right direction.


Every once in a while we would lose Kurt (did I mention that he is a telemark extremist?), but then he would appear out of a snow bank down the trail somewhere. He got me trying it after a while as he makes it look so good and easy.  It's not a bad idea to have a dozen tubes of icy hot or something like that back at the condo if you go with Kurt.  I went down after my ski caught under a branch (like down real fast I mean) and it definitely reminded me of my senior status.  It's great getting a discount because you are old, but it's a bitch falling around on mountains. Kurt has this thing whereby he sees where a rabbit might be able to work it's way though the underbrush and he calls it a "Glade" and if it is wide enough so something big enough to eat the rabbit can get though then he calls it an "Open Glade".  Anyways, he goes nuts when he sees these Glades and all of a sudden he like dives off the mountain with one ski several feet ahead of the other and bent down like Groucho Marks and he disappears in 4 feet of snow.  Then you may see his cap for a second and he's gone again. He's the only man I know that judges women by the width of their skis.  Telemarking is actually the rule and not the exception in that area.


You can actually ski out Kurt's condo door all the way to Canada on the Catamount Trail.