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The following is a trip report of our recent Maine Sea Kayak trip. I am

submitting this account to solicit comments, corrections and suggestion

for future trips. This was my first trip to Maine, an experience I hope

to repeat many times; we only got a small taste of the many great paddles

in the area.


One of the things that made this a such a successful adventure was the

many helpful suggestions and comments from the paddling `net' community!

Thanks Again



Kurt Ries

Canandaigua, NY




Maine Trip Report


Dates: August 19 - 25, 1996

Destinations: Mount Desert Island, Deer Island, Casco Bay

Transportation: Car, Sea Kayak & Bicycle




Sea Kayaking Along The New England Coast

      -Tamsin Venn  ISBN 1-878239-04-X $14.95

      -Most of our trips were base on some variation from trips

       outlined in this book


Coastal Paddling Routes in Nova Scotia

      -Scott Cunningham,

      -Coastal Adventures, P.O. Box 77,Tangier, Nova Scotia B0J 3G6,



      -This book has many helpful suggestion; Haven't made to

       Nova Scotia...yet


Maine Island Trail Association (MITA)

      -P.O. Box C, Rockland, ME 04841, 207-761-8225

      -Helpful information on camping on public and privately owned

       islands on the trail system


Trail Map


Trails Illustrated, PO Box 3610, Evergreen, CO 80439-3425,

303-670-3457 or 800-962-1643


      -Acadia National Park, Mount Desert Island, Isle au Haut #212


Marine Charts:


International Sailing Supply 1-800-423-9026


      -Mount Desert island Area #105

      -Eggemoggin Reach #104

      -Casco Bay #101E


We drove from Rochester, NY to the Lake Placid area to camp on St. Regis

Pond. This got us north and a chance to work the kinks out of the boats

and camping equipment. Not to mention a spectacular sunset paddle around

the lake.


Next day caught the ferry across Lake Champlain and a short paddle north

from the public landing in Burlington along the sheer cliffs and rocky

out croppings looking for Champ. Continued our drive across Vermont on

Hwy 2 with only one Ben & Jerry's stop.


Spent the night at  Gorham, New Hampshire just outside White Mountain

National Forest. The next morning hiked up to Tuckerman Ravine

(hopefully a future Tele trip...Fred are you listening!). 


Continued our road trip on Hwy 2 across Maine through Bangor and into

Ellsworth just north of Mt. Desert Island. Stayed at the Ellsworth Motel

($56) next to Cadillac Mountain Sports on Hwy 3. The Cadillac Mountain

Sports folks are very knowledge on paddling in the area and are a good

source for marine charts and outdoor/paddling equipment.



For the next three days we explored Desert Island coastline and Acadia

park. This included Frenchmans Bay, Blue Hill Bay, Somes Sound and

Cranberry Islands. All day trips are outlined in Venn's book. Little

Cranberry island has a harbor with novelty shops and a restaurant for

a great rest stop. The weather was sunny in the mid 70's and the seas

were calm.


One morning the fog rolled in and we opted to explore the Carriage Roads

of the park. These are roads that where built by John D. Rockefeller Jr.

1913 - 1940 with spectacular stone arch bridges. Now closed off to all

but hikers, horses and bikers. These roads connected the harbors and the

hiking trails of the east side of the island. Nothing technical and can

easily be ridden on a cross bike. After paddling we start biking these

roads exclusively to get from one eating establishment to another leaving

the car parked at the harbor.



After just a taste of Desert Island we continued our journey south to the

town of Stonington on Deer Island. Spending the night at a B&B run by an

artist Penny Parkinson $65, includes a good paddler's breakfast.

      -Penny's B&B, PH 207-367-5933, PO Box 283, Stonington ME, 04681

      -Located a couple of blocks from the Public pier


Off the coast of  Stonington there are many islands that are measured in

yards, not miles apart. In short a paddlers paradise! We spent the next

couple of days exploring these islands and camping on Wheat Island just

north of Burnt island. After paddling sunny clear skies out to Wheat

Island a thick fog rolled in during the night. By morning one could barely

see the next island. The trip back to Stonington was hopping from one

island to the next in the thick fog...really cool on the perfectly calm



I have never seen so many lobster buoys in all my life! By now I am

getting proficient at the Lobster Buoy slalom. Judging from our

discussions with some of the locals there is a concern of over harvesting

lobsters. Most conversation revolved around the Sunday ban on fishing

doesn't have any impact on preserving the Lobster population.


Being originally from the Midwest I am not use to getting all the fresh,

inexpensive seafood...wow what a treat! Paddling back to the harbor

thinking about dinner, we made note of which restaurants on the piers

where buying and selling sea food right from the fishing boats. For $15

enough corn-on-the-cob, steamers, mussels and jumbo soft shell lobsters

to easily feed two hungry paddlers.



>From Stonington we continued our road trip south of Brunswick to Orrs and

Baily island. Where we did a day trip out of H20 Outfitters, fun and

enthusiastic paddlers. Their shop wares include boats, lessons and tours.

      -H2OUTFITTERS 800-649-5257 at the tip of Orr's Island by the Crib



Paddled out to the Haskell Island area for lunch on a sand bar and explored

the adjoining islands. The day started out looking like rain but after a

couple hours on the water the skies opened up to some major sunshine. Even

got into some swells on the open sea side that could be surfed!



From a driving perspective it worked nicely to start at the northern end of

the coast and work down the coast to the southern bays. Never had to drive

for more than 5 hours at a time.


Caught the Turnpike to the Thruway and home  :-(