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To:   Kurt Ries/VIESystems



Subject:    Chic Chocs




> The Waitsfield trip fell through. So skied High Peaks Avalanche pass and

> Klondike

> trails last weekend.


> Good cover on Saturday and after a night of rain Sunday was spotty and

> soupy.

> Unless High Peaks gets snow the seasons may be over below 2500 feet.


Good for you. Hey, I've been hearing about an apparently good place to

do a few turns in the area. Called Pelke Basin. I'm not sure I've

spelled it correctly. Ever skied there?


> Hi, Kurt. Am myself just back from a week skiing in the Parc de la

> Gaspesie in Quebec (the Chic Chocs). Was thinking of posting you a

> trip report. May well do that.


> >>Kurt

> Pls do.


> I am quit curious about the area.

>      -Drive/fly times

>      -Hotels/BB

>      -Trail heads/maps/books


I'm not up for a full report, but I'll sketch in some information for

you. It's a long drive. We started in Montpelier before 10AM and got

in to the auberge we stayed at after 8PM. From Jersey I'd probably

want to start the drive to early to dare say. It is far. You could fly

into Montreal, but you probably end up pissing away a lot of time and

then you have to rent the car. I think driving is probably the only

way to go.


The skiing is in and around the Parc de la Gaspesie. Most

documentation is in French, although on site most folks are bilingual.

There are three lodging options:


(1) the Gite du Mont Albert. This is essentially a hotel. It's

situated at the trailhead for a number of trails. Food is top notch. I

think the price is reasonable, but don't know as I paid a package

price of $700 for six days food and lodging plus transportation from

Montpelier and guiding while there.


(2) the refuges. These are their hut system. If I did it again this is

the way I'd go. They hold eight and have a wood stove. You can arrange

to have your heavy gear moved from one to another via snow machine

... for a price.


(3) tenting. There is a year-round campground near the Gite. You might

want to make a friend of someone staying at the Gite to have a shower

at some point ...


There is a reasonable trail map that I have that can be purchase for

3.50 Canadian. It doesn't show everything and it's dated 1994.


There are a couple of web sites that might be helpful:





The first is especially nice as it has pictures of some of the

sites. The Club Grand Yetis runs the hut system--you make reservations

with them--and does the baggage hauling.


Here are some of the places to make a few turns:


La Cuve du Mont Albert (skied twice, with carribou)

Les Mines Madeline area (not yet)

Mont Hogsback (two guys in the group, it was too icy)

Mont Blanche La Montagne (toured it twice, but snow cover was light)

Mont Champs de Mars (one day of corn snow skiing)


It was altogether a wonderful experience, even with a dearth of

powder. It's nice enough, though, that I wouldn't want to encourage

the unworthy to go there and spoil the scene.


-- al