Dewey Drive Band

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Band Bio:

Dewey Drive Band is based out of Burlington Vermont playing a wide variety of originals and B-sides including country, swing, blues, and rock & roll.

From Country to Cream.

Band Members:

    Kendrick Brown  - Drums & Vocals
    Rick Belford       - Guitar & Vocals
    Kurt Ries           - Guitar & Vocals

Who Are DDB's Primary Musical Influences?

Lucinda Williams
Gillian Welch
Hank Williams
Johnny Cash
Brad Paisley
John Fogerty
Tom Petty
Rolling Stones
Willie Dixon
Howlin' Wolf
Muddy Waters
BB King
Mitch Ryder

How Long Has DDB Been Playing Out?

DDB has been successfully playing out regularly since 2009 and having an absolute blast. We played our first real gig at Bolton Valley Resorts' James Moore Tavern to a rousing audience and a pantie raid that has gone down in the journals of James Moore infamy. We've been their unofficial house band ever since.

How Did The Band Members Meet?

The band was spun out of our popular Thursday Night Jam Sessions we been holding in the New North End of Burlington for years. Kurt met Kendrick on Craigs' List looking for those all too hard to find drummers. Kendrick brought in some of his previous band mates, Shane and Rick and the rest, as they would say, is history.

How Did Dewey Drive Band Get It's Name?

The first time Kendrick was looking for our rehearsal space he thought it was on Dewey Drive, it stuck ever since as a quirky name that folks seem to remember. When we played the Bonestock festival in Northfield Vermont this summer the MC asked who got the DUI, we hadn't thought of that one...

DDB Public Service Announcement:
Folks be certain to go out often and enjoy the fantastic Burlington area live music scene; along with responsibly and generously supporting all the outstanding venues that make it happen.

Whats With The DDB Horse Logo?

Searching for a profile picture to create a DDB promo poster, even being the sexy bunch of old guys we are, ran across the horse image that a friend had drawn on the back of Kurt's' High School notebook. Have to admit its hard not to smile when you see that image.

Have You Worked With Vermont/Burlington Bands Before?

Yep, DDB comes with a fair amount of experience; Slick Martha's Hot Club, Love That Duo!, Vermont Mud Dogs, Kendrick Brown & Mike MaCarty, Panthers and Hippies, Explosive Incontinence.

Individual Band Members:

Kendrick Brown, aka Sundown - Drums & Vocals
Kendrick is our multi-talented primary singer, drummer, harp and guitar player that's always home by days end. Kendrick got the band here with his experience, country voice and rock drumming.

Rick Belford, aka Professor RickyB - Guitar & Vocals
Rick teaches all styles of guitar, as well as music theory and music technology, at his home studio in Burlington, and at CCV and Saint Michael's College.  He also performs solo guitar throughout the state of Vermont. Rick brings his Roots musical styling to the band's sound. Kendrick got us here, Rick is going to push us over the top.

Kurt Ries, aka Olde School - Guitar & Vocals
Instigator and primary bass player, bring his 60' blues and rock styling to the bands' sound. Hosting the Thursday Night Jam Session for many years and often asked if ever imagined the popularity of the studio/rehearsal space, quoting "If we build it, they will come".