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Dewey Drive Band - From Country To Cream
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Band Bio:

We are a Burlington Vermont Band, playing a wide variety of musical genres, generally falling into the Country Blues/Swing realm.
Think Hank Williams meets Tom Petty.

Kendrick Brown - Drums & Vocals
Rick Belford - Guitar & Vocals
Kurt Ries - Guitar & Vocals

Promoting our Gigs:

We are good for your business, with an extensive word-of-mouth following and we vigorously promote ourselves with email distribution lists, social networking sites, along with appropriately posting flyers in and around the venue.

How long is your optimal set?

Three hours
We typically play three, one hour sets, but can accommodate any time frame needed.

Have you worked with Vermont/Burlington bands before?

Slick Martha's Hot Club, Love That Duo!, Vermont Mud Dogs, Kendrick Brown & Mike MaCarty, Panthers and Hippies, Explosive Incontinence

What's your availability?

We are open to schedule most any night to play.

Greatly appreciate your consideration, the Dewey Drive Band would be an excellent fit to promote any food and beverage business and continue the legacy of great Vermont music traditions!

Thank You,

DDB Stage Plots

DDB Stage Plot - With House PA

DDB Stage Plot - No House PA

DDB Set List
The set list generally transitions from mellower Americana to smooth Blues, with a lively Rock & Roll finish.
-First set mainly Country, Swing, Americana, with a hint of Rock
-Second set transitioning to Blues with undertones of Americana
-Third set straight up Rock & Roll finish, with a chaser of Blues and Americana

Link to "DDB Set List"