Woodstack Bio:

Woodstack is cold-brewed, slope-side music that has been distilled apr├Ęs-ski from a choice blend of musical kindredships locally grown in the Bolton Valley area of Vermont. We are a diverse collaboration of musicians with each performance evolving through numerous configurations covering a delightful and ever-changing cornucopia of musical genres providing cascading layers of listening experience with initial soft blue undertones progressing through robust Americana and refreshing Rock and leaving your musical palette with a high, bright end note.

Woodstack is a collaboration of bands, covering everything from Singer Song Writer, Blues to Rock.

Set Genres:
Jack Jumper and the Old Straight Skis

- Rich Bouquet of Singer Song Writer with a splash of Americana

The Packed Powder Blues Band
- Straight Up Rhythm and Blues
Bone Patrol

- Smooth Rock'in Blues

Tim Berline and His Lost Boyz
- On The Rocks With Roll
Down and Out of Bounds
- Robust Chaser Of Rock
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