March 25, 2009




I am happy to announce that the first “Catamount/Bolton Water Advisory Committee” meeting took place last evening, March 24, 2009!  Our work in the last 11 months has resulted in many new initiatives, including a (water bill) credit to the customers of Catamount Water and Sewer for the month we were inconvenienced while the water shed roof was collapsed and under repair.


Present for the meeting were myself, Jason Williams (Village Condos), Brian (owner of the Black Bear Inn), Andrea and Brett Lister, and Larry Williams (Redstone).  The goal of our first meeting was to create a basic structure to determine how and when future meetings will be held, how to better communicate with the customers of Catamount/Bolton Water and the community of Bolton Valley in a more timely and efficient manner, and to start discussing what is in store for our area in the future.


A suggestion was made to continue the use of emailing as a means to quickly disseminate information to the community.  To date, there is only a limited number of email addresses available. It was decided to include a request with the next bill, asking each customer to include his/her email address. These will be collected and put into a general emailing list. This will allow each of us to receive any important updates, emergency notices, and water testing statuses faster without waiting for notices in the mail. In order to reach everyone, the standard paper notice will still be included with billing notices as it has in the past. Paying by email was another concept entertained and is being looked into.


Our primary vehicle for information sharing since the watershed roof collapse was born through the courtesy of Kurt Reis, who shared his website with us. Some feel that the address is a bit cumbersome for those who are not savvy with a computer. A request was made to add a “Community Info” link to the now existing Bolton Valley website. This is being looked into and we will certainly pass that information to you as soon as possible.


Attendance for future meetings was an important organizational conversation. We are asking for anyone who might be interested in representing the homes along Wentworth and Thatcher Roads to contact Wynne to discuss representing the homeowner customers. Jason will work with the Presidents’ Council to identify a representative from each condo association. Meetings will be held quarterly at the Bryant Room of the resort unless notified otherwise.


Now, for what you have all been waiting for…where are we on the topic of Bolton water! Updated information was provided by Larry on the current condition of the water based on the latest testing, well drilling and supply, future plans for our area regarding water and several “Green Initiatives.” Currently, water testing indicates that the levels of chlorination byproduct contaminants have decrease, but are still above approved EPA levels for contaminants. The two existing wells are in use, but unfortunately the amount of water supplied by these wells is very limited.  Two additional wells were drilled in the late summer/early fall of 2008, which did not yield sufficient water flow to warrant connecting them to the system.  Not giving up, Larry is in contracting with several hydrologists, and they are anticipating future drills after ascertaining the best and most efficient means to find water supply. The hope is to be able to bring a better percentage of well water in to decrease, but most likely not eliminate, the surface water that we currently use. Anticipating a positive return, the use of chemical contaminants will be reduced as less surface is used, resulting in fewer treatment byproducts.


A final inspection report was submitted to the Public Service Board when the water shed was rebuilt, cleaned and the structure repaired. This report is being sent to me, and will be forwarded to customers (and posted to the website) when it is available.


Finally, Larry discussed his plans to make Bolton Valley a “green community.” There are several funded initiatives offered through the state and federal governments currently to promote such a concept. Through the use of wind power, solar power and perhaps water metering, Larry’s goal is to put Bolton Valley on the map as an environmentally friendly place to live. The concept of meter monitoring our water consumption would alert us to exactly how much water we consume with the intention to reduce water waste.


Almost a year to the date, the watershed collapse truly was a “blessing in disguise.” Not only did we get a new structure and routine maintenance from this, but our neighborhood has become a true community. We have gained the attention and respect from our neighboring communities as they watched to see how we would respond to such a situation. We have opened the door to communication with not only Catamount/Bolton Water and Sewer but with the future growth and progress in the works for Bolton Valley. Questions are being asked and answered. Thanks to the immediate response and help of Kurt Reis, we are able to “log on” and find out what is the latest info on our water. Neighbors have become friends, and a sense of closeness has been brought to the mountain.


Our process is ongoing and we will refine and improve as we go. Please think about being a representative and come to a meeting. Look forward to future information and notices as they become available. We are definitely moving in the right direction!



Wynne M Kirschbaum

68 Snowdrift Lane

Bolton Valley

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