Catamount/Bolton Water & Sewer

c/o Redstone

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October 13, 2008


Dear Water Customer,


This notice is to inform you that we will be commencing repairs to the water reservoir on Snowdrift Lane on October 20th.  We expect that the repairs will be completed by November 9th. 


The repairs include structural reinforcement of the concrete walls, filling and sealing interior cracks and re-grading around the tank exterior.  The work also includes installing water level controls as requested by the State of Vermont.


The work will necessitate utilizing a temporary water storage tank which is being installed this week.  The temporary tank has a lower water storage capacity and therefore we request that all customers make an effort to conserve water during the repair period.


We will be increasing the frequency of water quality testing during the repair period.  We do not anticipate that a boil water notice will be required as a result of the repair process.


Please feel free to contact me at 802-658-7400 x12 or with any questions or concerns.





Larry Williams 



Catamount/Bolton Water & Sewer

c/o Redstone

210 College Street

Burlington, VT 05401





Re:      Repairs to Water Reservoir                                     October 16, 2008


Repairs are proceeding as planned and on schedule for the project.  We would like customers to be aware of the following;


1.                  We will be maintaining the residual chlorine levels throughout the repair period.

2.                  We will be testing bacteriological samples weekly during repair period.

3.                  We will be testing bacteriological and VOC samples prior to switching over to the temporary storage tank.

4.                  All test results will be immediately reported to the State of Vermont Water Supply Division.


Please remember that it is important to conserve water during the repair period.  


I look forward to hearing from you with any questions.  I can be contacted at 802-658-7400 x 12 or .





Larry Williams


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I am forwarding you a copy of my weekly update to the Water Division. 




Could you please post on the Comuunity Website?


Please contact me if either of you have any questions.




From: Larry Williams

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Matt & Al,


I am writing with the weekly update regarding the status of repairs for the reservoir.


1.    The repairs/crack sealing at the interior of the tank are completed.  We are letting the crack sealant cure and expect to be able to start refilling the tank early next week.

2.    The concrete buttresses are complete.  We modified the design in the field to extend the buttresses an additional 2' to cover cracking that was close to the corners but would not have been covered with the original sizing.

3.    The majority of exterior insulation is in place and backfilling is underway.

4.    We are currently on schedule.


Mike Bernadine is coordinating weekly testing a submitting results to you directly.


I look forward to hearing from you if you have any questions or require additional information.




Larry Williams