April 9, 2008


Hi Everyone,

I just got off the phone with Susan Martin, Dept of Vermont Public Service Board. She was referred to me by Joel Baird, the journalist who wrote the article in the Burlington Free Press today, page 2B.


By now, you have seen the TV 5 News broadcast yesterday @ 6 and today at 7am. Also the above mentioned well written article from The Burlington Free Press.


We appreciate everyone’s signature on the petition that was sent around. But we still need more names. After speaking with Susan Martin this morning, I was told that with as many names as possible, we will send the petition in to her and to the key person Susan Hudson, clerk at the Vermont Public Service Board, who will then refer it for hearing and review. I will volunteer my contact for future reference to any hearing that requires personal representation and appearance. I do this for all of us who are affected by this water issue. Simply said, we are not being treated fairly.


In the meantime, Susan was heading over to the offices of Matt Guerino and Ellen Parrdoering, Certification and Compliance Manager, to speak to them about this. In our conversation, I demanded to know why no one from a governing body was here to oversee what was going on up here. Her response, “we had no idea anything was going on up there until Mon, April 7, when Joel Baird from the Burlington Free Press called me for interview.” She did assure me that today she would find the appropriate governmental person to come up and see what was happening.


I informed Susan that there was no tarp over the water or protective cover. If you saw the TV 5 News broadcast, there is a dog roaming around while the carpenters were working, licking water from the pool! I wonder how many other animals, domestic and wild have used the facility! The exposure of water concerns me as a parent. There needs to be a fence around the structure now and when built to assure safety.


I am sending this letter and a copy of the original petition with space for signing if you have not had the chance to sign it. WE NEED THIS AS SOON AS POSSIBLE TO GET IMMEDIATED RESPONSE AND ACTION! I have been asked to send it to the above authorities ASAP so that it can be passed onto the Board for review and on to a hearing.

Please feel free to drop this off at my home, 68 Snowdrift Lane, the private road at the top of Wentworth and Thacher Rds (house next to the collapse water shed) at any time. If no one is there, drop it in a plastic bag and or slide it under or between the glass door.


 Our goal is to clear us, the residents affected by the water issue, of financial obligation while the system is down and to bring some attention back to our community in that we live here an expect what is our due.


Thank you all for helping me help us all,

Wynne Kirschbaum/ Anrea Lister (434 4051)

Catamount Water

April 6, 2008


This petition is to inform Catamount Water of a request for compensatory action with regard to the latest water bill pertaining to and inclusive of the period of time beginning March 2008, and now entering April 2008, with collapse of the water shed on Snowdrift Lane. As residents of the Bolton Valley, we have been inconvenienced with water that is below satisfactory use. Additional financial burdens have been placed on us as well as the physical and time consuming stress of boiling water for household use.

          To date, the time span has been over 3 weeks, and there is no guarantees has to the final completion of restructure of the water shed, nor the time given for acceptable and safe water consumption.

          In return, as residents, we feel it our fair due to be awarded financial compensation and request refund for all weeks involved, on this statement and any future statements, applied to our individual water bills.

          Signed this date of April 6, 2008: