PSB Stipulation


TO:                 Members of the Board, Village Condominium Association

                        Wynne M. Kirschbaum


FROM:           Jason W. Williams, Treasurer


DATE:            Tuesday, March 10, 2009


SUBJECT:     Stipulation of Agreement for Petition to Public Service Board


This memo details the Stipulation of Agreement that was entered into between Catamount Bolton Water and Sewer, LLC (Bolton), and its customers as represented by Wynne M. Kirschbaum to conclude the docket before the Vermont Public Service Board.


The docket was opened on May 19, 2008 upon the receipt of a petition from the customers of Bolton (and amended on September 11, 2008 subsequent to an additional petition) to the Public Service Board.  The petition was the result of the collapse of the water reservoir in March, 2008.  Below are the areas agreed to by Bolton and its customers:


  1. Bolton will refund to all water-service customers one month’s water bill.  This refund will be credited to the next bill. 
  2. Bolton agrees that customers should be informed in a timely manner of events affecting the availability and quality of their water service, and will work to identify clear expectations and obligations.
  3. Bolton and its customers will agree to cooperate in the formation and operation of an Advisory Committee that will include representatives of Bolton’s water customers as well as the operator of the water system and a representative of Bolton’s management.  The Committee will meet at least twice per year (and likely more frequently in the early stages).  Bolton will be responsible for convening and hosting the meetings of the Committee.  The Committee will have no authority over the management or operation of the water system.
  4. Bolton will include on all water bills the numbers for emergency and non-emergency contacts.


This agreement represents several compromises for both parties, and is entered into in good faith with the goal of improving of the management of the system, and awareness of its customers.  As details regarding the formation of the Advisory Committee are worked-out, I will send those to you. 




The Water Verdict is In


            I am proud to announce that after almost one year, we, the community of Bolton Valley, have been approved by the state to receive credit for the amount worth one month of water! But much more has come from all of this. To be honest, I would go as far as saying that the roof collapse on our water shed was more that just a structural issue. It was truly a “blessing in disguise”!


            Working closely and with the cooperation of several parties, namely Larry Williams representing Catamount Water, the Public Service Board of Vermont, and our own residents, we were able to establish not only a new watershed structure, but the need to inform, communicate, and educate the customers of Catamount Water on a timely basis.


            Along with the refund, a new “Water Advisory Committee” was been established. All parties came together and agreed upon a meeting schedule. The committee has the responsibility to inform Catamount Water customers of any issues concerning the water system. Currently, we are continuing to structure the committee and more details will be brought forth as that process develops.


            In short, this is what happens when a community comes together and works as one to solve an issue. Positive things do happen! More than ever, it is important to log this website as a “favorite” on your screen and continue to take a peek at what continues to evolve.


            It has been my pleasure and I will continue to represent this community.


Wynne M Kirschbaum

434 4051