08/21/2008 12:36 PM

"Wynne Kirschbaum" <surgwk2@ix.netcom.com>

Subject: 07/18/08 Pre-trial Hearing 



To bring everyone up to date...


Good morning,


We are not done with our water solving issues here in Bolton Valley. In fact, things are heating up again!


Jason Williams and I went to a requested pre-trial hearing at the state house in Montpelier. We were accompanied by persons from the state water authority, Geoffrey Commons,Special Counsel for the Dept of Public Service,  and Larry Williams representing Catamount Water and Sewer.


We had a chance to speak on behalf of everyone here regarding our petition and request for financial compensation in respect to our water bills.


In short, Jason and I were more prepared than was expected by the legal authority overseeing the proceedings and were asked to restructure the petition.


Prior to the meeting, I was sent information provided by the state regarding articles and subsections describing governing rule/law overseeing water and utility companies. With this, Jason and I researched and found Catamount to be negligible in every one of the paragraphs sited. We referred to 3-4 articles and their subsections regarding the purity, quality, infrastructure and maintenance. Clearly, we were ready!


To date, another petition was resubmitted and I have been in communication with Geoffrey Commons, special counsel, Dept of Public Service. Our hope is to establish a meeting between Catamount Water and Sewer with Geoffrey present, and make requests for future maintenance, direct and continual contact with the Public Service Board directly overseeing Catamount Water on a routine basis and reporting findings to us, as well as addressing the question raised about future water concerns. As we told, Catamount hopes to alleviate the water runoff issues with well water. This would help the MCL issue BUT the raised question is what supply will wells give us once the added infrastructure is raised, i.e. new living facilities etc. If not enough, will we have to return to some run off water usage? If so that will put us right back to where we are now.


I am waiting to hear of the next sched. pretrial hearing date and a response from Geoffrey Commons. We continue to come up with new questions and ways to address that water issues here. Remember, to date, the water authority/Public Service Board was not directly involved with us or any water utility until it became a documented problem with notification from one of the residents/consumers. We want that to change and make them directly responsible...in  contractual writing!


Additionally, Trisha Coats, representative from the offices of Congressman Peter Welsh, has called me on several occasions to ask what Peter could do to help. He is national and one thing I have been educated to, potable water issues go beyond the boundaries of Bolton Valley. In fact, I was told by several authorities that almost most cities in the country are troubled with the same issue of obtaining safe, pure, drinking water! So, I suggested that Peter work on providing a tax break/credit to families/homeowners toward the purchase of a water filtration system for the home. This would included monies toward replacement,as most systems need to be maintained and updated within a few years. I have submitted a letter to him and we will wait for the response.


As promised, I have not gone away. Continue to talk to each other, read the website and make comments to me. I will keep everyone updated as things progress.


Wynne Kirschbaum

68 Snowdrift Lane

Bolton Valley, Vt 05477

434 4051